Failed Astronaut - Occasional Musings & Collected Works From Jason Tabrys


The Pop-Up Video Oral History


The often clever and well ahead of its time pop culture phenomenon had some rocky moments behind the scenes that are explored in this detail-rich oral history. 

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Bill Hader Wants To Pursue Something Real


The result of a face to face sit down with Hader fresh off his latest SNL hosting stint and just before Barry transformed our understanding of his talent as a dramatic actor and storyteller.

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How TV And Evolving Media Technology Changed The American Presidency


A deep dive into the cross between politics and the media with great insights from Tabitha Soren about MTV in the '90s and Scott Aukerman about Between Two Ferns

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Conan O’Brien’s First ‘Late Night’ Episode Still Stands Out As Punk Comedy Art


Fun look back at the rebelliousness and inventiveness of that first Conan Late Night ep. This got a great response.

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Trevor Noah On Making A Timeless Comedy Special And Why Facts Are Our Friends


I wasn't a believer when Trevor Noah took over The Daily Show but he won me over and our back and forth here on facts and the media's response to Trump is part of the reason why. Still holds up.

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The Year You Almost Forgot To Hate The Yankees


It was a thrill to participate in UPROXX Sports' World Series celebration in 2017 alongside some real heavyweight sportswriters. Here, I talk about the almost charm of the youthful Yankees. 

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