What Is This Site?

I have no good and solid reason for why I wanted to sink some free time into building a digital testament to myself but here we are. On the front page, there are lovely words about myself written by myself. That’s not weird at all. Then there’s a link to my Authory page which houses shy of 2,000 articles that I’ve written on Uproxx, Comic Book Resources, Den Of Geek, Screen Rant, Starburst Magazine (what up UK!), and I think that’s it. Granted, I’ve seen a few sites go under and take another 1,000 or so articles of mine with them. Depressing! At some point, I’ll break my Authory page down into categories like interviews and oral histories, etc. But that will take a bunch of time. The dream would be to have some kind of archive on this site instead of linking out to Authory but that will also take a bit of time.

As you may have noticed, there’s an embed for a podcast that I’m presently working on where I talk with people (writers, actors, comic, athletes, etc) about baseball and whatever else comes up. I’ve been away from podcasting for the last few years but I truly enjoy… aspects of it. Recording! Not so much editing. Episodes will be in-frequent to start because of that. At least until I decide to pay someone else to edit it. Future podcast projects are likely. That is not a threat.

Lastly, there’s this space where thoughts that are unfit for publication elsewhere go to live and die. I know I’m making the “blog” sound super appetizing, but it’s the truth. Random thoughts and half-formed ideas that are too big for Twitter and too small or weird for Uproxx are pretty much all that I’ll park in this space.

This concludes the tour.

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