Jason Tabrys Is A Failed Astronaut

I am an interviewer, critic, and editor who regularly writes about comedy and TV (and occasionally baseball and food). I never became an astronaut or a power forward for the Chicago Bulls, though, so in essence, I’m a failure.

This site is a catch-all for my work as seen on Uproxx and other publications. You’ll find links to all of my interviews, oral history projects, reviews, and essays that have yet to be lost by the internet. Occasionally, I’ll post some thoughts or blog posts here. I’ll also host/link to podcasts that I somehow manage to record, edit, and publish.

Oral history projects that dig deep into cult favorite shows and moments, long-form interviews with the most impactful figures in comedy and television, and essays and reviews with a unique take by a member of the Television Critics Association.

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Long-form conversations with writers, actors, athletes, comics, and other interesting people about their love of baseball and whatever else comes up.